A new way to give.

To the ones that need it most.

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Geenees is a free gifting platform that connects donors like you to families in need.

Let your gifts directly impact those who need it most.

How do we help?

  • We at Geenees are creating a much smoother experience for both givers and receivers.

  • Individuals pick items through the app and create their wishlists. Donors then access these wishlists and buy products they truly need. 

  • We facilitate the process of making wishes come true for people that need them most.


Why do we exist?

  • Families in need don't have resources to buy basic products like clothes, household items and even toys. ​

  • Gifts collection for individuals and families in need can be a demanding and challenging process.

  • Organizations often lack the resources to store the gifts, organize the wishlists from families, collect and deliver the gifts, and more.​

  • It’s emotionally stressful for families to physically come to the organization to ask for help.

Thank you notes from our families

How does it work?

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The family creates their wishlist by picking the exact items they need on the Geenees app

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You buy the gifts or donate in-app


Gifts are delivered to the family

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The family can send you a note to thank you for your support


You choose the family to donate to and items you want to purchase

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Give with Geenees

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